Pistole Beretta M9A4 G RDO FDE (Flat Dark Earth), cal. 9x19, SA/DA, 18 Schuss, MT1/2''x28 UNEF

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Pistole Beretta M9A4 G RDO FDE (Flat Dark Earth), cal. 9x19, SA/DA, 18 Schuss, MT1/2''x28 UNEF

The Beretta M9A4 represents the pinnacle of the Beretta M9 series of pistols.  Built to exceed the standards of even the most demanding tactical shooters, the M9A4 blends the proven design of the M9 with modern features such as a red-dot optic compatible slide and dovetailed tritium night sights for optimal sight options, an enhanced short reset Xtreme Trigger System, an 18-round magazine, and a Beretta Vertec frame with included aggressively textured Vertec-style thin grips that ensure a more natural fit for all shooters.
Proudly built in the USA, the new M9A4 is designed to be ideal for any tactical situation, including home and personal defense, tactical competitions, and duty carry in any condition.

Aggressively Texturized Vertec-style Thin Grips for Instinctive Control: Vertec-style vertical grip of the M9A4 offers two very important benefits. First, its vertical back-strap configuration makes it easy to point the handgun to where one would normally point the index finger of the dominant hand. This instinctive pointing is highly prized by tactical shooters and makes for consistent and consistently accurate target acquisition. Also, the grips are thin and aggressively texturized while still accommodating a double-stack, 18-rd magazine. The Vertec profile grip makes trigger reach simple even for those with smaller hands and offers a more compact profile for those who choose to carry the M9A4 concealed.

Versatility and Easy Customization:  One of the most salient benefits of the M9A4 is its universal decock-only (G) slide that befits the combat-oriented pistol that this new model is based upon. The M9A4 also features a removable front sight for tactical shooters who have a distinct preference in terms of sight picture, material, or construction. In addition, a variety of accessory options is possible thanks to the built-in 3-slot Picatinny rail located in front of the trigger guard, which enables the easy attachment of a variety of tactical lights, laser devices, and more.

Red Dot Capability: The red-dot ready M9A4 features integral slide cuts to allow for the mounting of optional optic plate styles. Consumers can receive a free optic plate from Beretta upon the registration of their purchased firearm or purchase an additional one aftermarket. Shipping with blanking covers, the end-user is able to purchase one of five different plates that allow for mounting of all of the most popular optic variants on the market today.

Easy to Use and Maintain: The M9A4 was designed to be used in the heat of combat. For this reason, Beretta has put a generous bevel at the magazine well, so that tactical magazine changes may be performed quickly and easily with one hand regardless of lighting conditions. Along the same lines, the magazine-release button is oversized, making it simple to use when seconds count even while wearing gloves. The M9A4 is low-maintenance thanks to its wear-resistant FDE finish that is practically impervious to the elements, anti-friction magazines in 15 or 18 rounds (10-round magazines are blued with FDE Baseplates), and intuitive tool-free disassembly. Whether it’s on duty, at home, for concealed carry, or at the range, the M9A4 will always give you the absolute best of Beretta’s centuries-old experience and long history serving the needs of professionals the world over.



  • Action: Single/Double
  • Barrel length (mm: 129.54
  • Barrel length (in): 5.1
  • Caliber: 9x19 (PARA)
  • GripWidth: 1.3"
  • Historical: N
  • Magazine: 10 - 15 - 18
  • Overall height (mm): 137.16
  • Overall height (in): 5.4
  • Overall length (mm): 220.98
  • Overall length (in): 8.7
  • Overall width (mm): 38.1
  • Overall width (in): 1.5
  • SightRadiusIN: 6.3
  • SightRadiusMM: 160
  • Weight unloaded (g): 944
  • Weight unloaded (OZ): 33.4



Kantonale Ausnahmebewilligung für das sportliche Schiesswesen für eine Faustfeuerwaffe, die mit einer Ladevorrichtung mit hoher Kapazität (mehr als 20 Schuss) ausgerüstet ist und Pass/ID.


Kantonale Ausnahmebewilligung zur Sammlertätigkeit für eine Faustfeuerwaffe, die mit einer Ladevorrichtung mit hoher Kapazität (mehr als 20 Schuss) ausgerüstet ist und Pass/ID.


Waffenerwerbschein für eine Faustfeuerwaffe, die mit einer Ladevorrichtung mit einer Kapazität von (20 oder weniger Schussausgerüstet ist und Pass/ID.


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